The lovely sights of Chantaburi

A great day exploring the sights of Chantaburi today.

The old town of Chantaburi
200 houses make up the community on the river.
Lovely old houses
Looking very much like Hoi An with a huge Vietnamese and Chinese influence in the town
Down the river in the old town.
Biggest Catholic Cathedral in Thailand. However there aren’t many in Thailand as most Thais are Buddhist.
Time to dry some food on the roof of the ute.
Streetside stall of dim sims
Lake in the centre of Chantaburi. First time we have see Thais exercising. Come late afternoon it is packed with walkers, joggers and the nearby open concrete area becomes an aerobics studio and basketball court. Great to see!
Then the storm arrived just on lunch time, so noodle soup time for us.
2 nights at the Hop Inn Chantaburi.
After a jolly good quota of noodles and rice this trip it was time for bbq Thai style. 6 small sossies for just over $1.
Along with a tiny loaf of bread, chille sauce and beer. Good bike packing food for tomorrow.

Wheels will be turning again in the morning, hopefully not too much rain as it has rained most of this afternoon. We will be making our way to Klaeng which is somewhere on our app approx 70++km enroute to Bangkok.

2 thoughts on “The lovely sights of Chantaburi”

  1. Wow you have been living it up in the last couple of places😜 about time you spoilt yourselves – accommodation wise. It’s amazing how once you get closer to Bangkok everything looks amazingly beautiful. So I’m guessing you are reaching the tourist places.
    Your photos have given me some real insight into how these people of these countries live. I have loved every minute of catching up with your progress along the way. Shame my husband thinks hes getting old as I think I would like to do what you have done….but not as many Ks!! πŸ˜‚ Just heard today the manager of school bus company here has left and the stand in guy wants to get me back on the buses. So my fingers are crossed!! Winter is coming …the last couple of days have become very cold, even the massage business has really slowed down in the last week. Getting back into golf this week as I think tennis players are going to start piking on me…..πŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸŒ΄β›„πŸš΄ All the best for the next leg of your journey 🌴🌴 and stay away from those dogsπŸ•πŸ»


  2. Just taking time out from my housework (boring) to say hi. What a lovely little place you are in at the moment, nice quaint houses & what a church & drying the food out on the bonnet of the car, my god. I am so happy to see you both looking so well, Reg wanted to know how many upset tummies have you both had from eating food on your trip. All well here, Bis says to say hello, take care & stay out of the rain as much as you can & ride carefully. Love Di & Reg xxx


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