Eat your heart out Willie Nelson

Trat – Chantaburi = 70km

This anthem seems to roll off our tongue every time we hit the road. Thought we would record it to see how bad it actually sounds. No I didn’t fall off the bike at the end of the clip a dog appeared giving me a fright. He must have enjoyed the singsong also.

So was awesome to be back in the saddle on a really pleasant highway that wasn’t too busy until we got close to Chantaburi. Weather was overcast for most of the way until the heavens opened with 15km to go.

Bangkok here we come
Through Klung town on the way. Great roads
7/11 refuel stop
Then the heavens opened. Found some shelter in what looked to be a fruit packing shed
Arrived Chantaburi and the best pork and rice for a late lunch

So a good day and here we are in Chantaburi. Staying 2 nights at the Hop Inn, nice to have aircon again. Off for a stroll around the town now.

4 thoughts on “Eat your heart out Willie Nelson”

  1. Reg wants to know what you have been smoking over there, is it the same stuff Willie smokes? It is lovely to see you both so happy & on the road again. Love to you both. xxx

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