Recharged and Refuelled in Trat

We have had absolutely no problems filling in our days here in Trat as we bide time before our May 14th flight from Bangkok to Mandalay.

The pedals will be turning tomorrow as we move forward to Chantaburi.

Old man biking the old town.
We saw this lady daily in a different loud outfit everyday………unlike myself limited for choices. She was normally on a bike that would be the same age as her.
A bike ride exploring around the outskirts of town.

We have the coolest digs in an old teak guesthouse in the old town area of Trat all for NZ$14 per night.

Mosquito net and all
The bathroom
Steep stairway up to our room
Rained one night got up to check the bikes and the lovely owner had put an umbrella over them. So much love for Betty and Nancy

We can’t believe how clean Thailand is after Cambodia, how organised and orderly everything is. Amazing considering we have traveled here over 10 times before but haven’t noticed it until after leaving the dust and rubbish of Cambodia.

The street cleaner in Trat never saw one of those in Cambodia

The food is exceptional here in Trat so we are refuelled ready to pedal again.

Pancakes for breakfast for the boy. Says they’re the best ever
Fish balls as afternoon snack

Waffles being made over a fire pit
Every type of seafood on offer
Sleepy cat in sleepy Trat. We know we are back in Thailand though as been chased by aggressive dogs already.

2 thoughts on “Recharged and Refuelled in Trat”

  1. Trat looks so nice, everything looks good, people are clean & tidy, food looks good & your accomodation boy fancy fancy & as for covering your bikes, you really are being cared for. I hope you have good weather for the next part of your trip, keep smiling & take care. Di & Reg xx

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  2. Both looking well and Thailand loos a lot cleaner. Pancakes look pretty good as well. All good here, Wendy the receptionist currently on holiday in Bali for 2 weeks so Mel and I holding the fought. Busy with kids as well. Must be paying receptionist too much money. Had last weekend in Taupo and pissed down all weekend. Did the hot pools and meal out with Julie and Bill and nice change anyway. Have rail trial all booked and be in Queenstown for xmas. Finish in Dunedin and fly back to Auckland. Should be good and a bucket list holiday for sure. Kids brought bike pants in Taupo……..soft mother. Harden up the ares cheeks. Enjoy you break, Talk soon. I think it’s coffee time. Maximus.


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