Never believe a German!!!

Koh Kong – Trat 108km

So it was farewell Cambodia and we cycled the 11km to the Thai border. We have done a few land border crossings in Asia and this would be the most chilled out place. Still amazing seeing the comings and goings between the 2 countries but not a scam or scammer in sight. 45 minutes later we were stamped out of Cambodia and into Thailand.

Final footsteps in Cambodia.
Getting stamped out of Cambodia
Transactions taking place on border
Walking food and produce from Thailand into Cambodia

Well Hello Thailand. How clean you look and the roads are modern and pot hole free.

All dressed up for the border occasion and Sawasdee Ka Thailand.

So we got the pedals turning and rode the undulating hills for 10km into Hat Lek super excited that we may find a 7/11 as we were salivating over a sausage and cheese toasty.

Oh yeah………….the things you miss
The toasty was oh so scrummy. Things that excite you when you are on the road.

In no hurry today as we only had 43km to ride we pottered around exploring the cute fishing village of Hat Lek.

Riding HW3 in Thailand was a bit of a mission as it is currently under repair to expand to a multi lane HW, so it was a pleasure to turn onto the coast road and have it to ourselves.

We then arrived after the 43km at the Panan Resort. When we are biking all our info of where to stay is either off Maps.Me or Google maps or reading the other handful of cycle tourist blogs. Having read this German guys blog who was one month ahead of us we were super excited about getting to the Panan Resort. Well I don’t know what hoochy mama he’d been smoking as there was more flora and fauna growing inside the room than outside. There was no way in hell we were going to stay in that rubbish dump, we let out a few expletives at this unknown German. A few deep breaths as we summed up our options and realised it was back in the saddle for another 64km to the town of Trat. It was only 11.30am but the temps were pushing 37deg and humidity 400%! Back on the HW3 and more road works, hills, hills and more hills. Hardly any drink or eat stops available so thank goodness for that toasty! Found an ice cream along the way and tried to keep the fluids in but impossible.

3.30pm we rolled into Trat absolutley exhausted and realised that was definitely our toughest day this journey. Thank goodness we had done a bit of research prior on where the guesthouses were in the town of Trat. We got ourselves some top digs for the night went to 7/11 to get a beer…………………..and what do you know they don’t sell beer as they are beside a school. This was the one that almost broke us, until we found the little old man selling beer out of his house. He was like seeing Father Christmas and good to see our old friend Leo again.

Posh Digs after our toughest day yet
Betty and Nancy even have their own private room
Posh Digs for all the family
What you look like after 108km but we found Leo.

So we are now 2-3 days ahead of schedule with our monster day yesterday. We have had a good look around town today exploring this cute town and will stay a few days as we don’t want to get to Bangkok too early. We do have to depart our posh digs tomorrow as they are booked out.

Not the planned arrival into Thailand but we can’t believe how much cleaner it is, the roads are perfect, people actually sit in their cars with seatbelts on and are super courteous.

3 thoughts on “Never believe a German!!!”

  1. Looks a bit cleaner than those dirty slopes over the border. Be careful down the narrow walkways Andy or you will end up with Bangkok.


  2. My god isn’t there a big difference between Cambodia & Thailand, buildings, roads & as you say food, fancy not being able to buy a beer after that long trip, I bet you thought all your Christmas’s had come at once when you finally got one. You must be glad to get away from all the dust & pot holes, you are both looking good so I am happy.Take care love always Di & Reg xxx


  3. So we’ve got a fair bit to catch up on but just read ‘never trust a german’. Have to say we love the way your shirts match the helmets – so very colour coordinated nice touch Andy lol!!! Lynnie how do you look so good after a 108km slog??!! Sounds like Leo was the lifesaver!


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