Carved up the Caradamom Mountains

April 21 – Sre Ambel – Trapeang Rung = 81km

What a challenging but incredibly rewarding couple of days through the Wild West of Cambodia but we have nailed it. So pleased we forced ourselves to have a rest day in Sre Ambel before attacking the Mountains despite food being a challenge.

Our one stop shop kindly gave us frog! We did double check it wasn’t dog!
With my camera shot translation of fried rice we managed to get this delivered to the one stop shop
Dinner of baguette and those sizzler sossies and chille sauce

We were carbo loaded ready to start the 2 day challenge through the Mountains. We were loving being on the quiet highway 48, minimal traffic taking it all in.

First drinks stop
Village kids in the hills

After 40km we had an option to stay at Botum Sakor at one of the 3 homestays but we were both feeling great so grabbed some water and pushed on.

Botum Sakor

After Botum Sakor we hit the hills and then got caught in a storm which was actually lovely and refreshing in the stifling temps.

Totally drenched but cleaned the gear

Smashing out the kms with more thunder and storms following us we arrived 81km later exhausted into Trapeang Rung. Super relieved that there was a guesthouse right in town. Very basic room with fan, bucket to flush toilet, no hand basin and more creepy crawlies than we have seen this trip. Just a reminder that we are in the jungle. We didn’t take much rocking and after yet another feed of pottle noodles and a beer we crashed at 7.30 in the super stuffy room.

Trapeang Rung and we beat the storm

The Green Guesthouse NZ$13

Trapeang Rung – Koh Kong = 61km

Managed to get some sleep despite the unnerving night sounds outside in the jungle so up at 5.30am ready for what we knew would be the toughest day riding over the Cardamom Mountains.

Fried rice a safe option to hit the road with thanks again to our screen shot translator
Up up we go
Not sure what we would do if one of these popped out of the jungle

The hills were gruelling but super satisfying as every pedal was one closer to what felt like the finish line. There were no drink stalls for 28km so just as well we were loaded up with water.

Then one magically appears
Pleased we didn’t have to ride the dirt roads today

We had an option of staying at a guesthouse in Tatai at the 40km but we were on a roll and loving the tough ride. The temp was rapidly rising to the mid 30s so we wanted to keep moving. The road was probably the best we have ridden on, traffic was light and the sounds of the wildlife in the jungle were amazing. Some real tough pinches out of Tatai matched with some super fun downhill where we hit 52km an hour on our Speedo! Before we knew it we rolled into Koh Kong bang on midday. We had carved up the Cambodian Cardamom’s. Civilisation looked good and we saw the first Westerners we had seen in a few days.

Main street Koh Kong

Reward time!

After checking out a few places to stay we hit the jackpot and got ourselves the VIP suite at the Nathy Koh Kong Hotel for NZ$27. The best digs we have had in Cambodia!

Betty and Nancys first journey in a lift
So good to have decent digs after surviving the Wild West

So here we are 9km from the Thai border having nailed Cambodia. Going to chill out here for 3 nights and reflect on an amazing adventure in this country and start planning the next stage of the journey.

5 thoughts on “Carved up the Caradamom Mountains”

  1. Well deserved 3 night break after concuring the mountains. I was getting puffed looking at the photos!!
    It’s just so amazing the difference of the villages out in the country to where the tourists go!! At least in the outer villages it shows how they really live…. without any pressure by the looks.
    We are busy testing different water dams, bores, tanks round the farm for salt content.
    Safe travels


  2. Hi guys,eating frogs, riding bikes in thunderstorms, hoping elephants don’t run out in front of you, my god you need a gold medal, but must be so exciting, your new digs look great, enjoy your 3 days of comfort & will speak to you soon. di & Reg xxx


  3. My goodness what an adventure just love reading about your travels You must be the fittest two around
    Hope all still going well xx


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