Leaving the tourist trail

Otres Beach – Stung Hav = 35km

Well we can say we weren’t sad to be leaving Otres and the feral hippies and backpackers that were hanging out there. We didn’t really fit in having no tattoos, no dreads, not smoking ciggies or lounging around smoking pot. Oh and even though we are roughing it we still have a shower twice a day, wash our clothes and wear deodorant.

So farewell to OhTrash…….and 10km down the road it’s big brother Sihnoukville aka “Shitsville”, or Chinaville it is apparently referred to. The magnitude of construction is mind blowing and the Chinese presence is huge. The rubbish is shocking, roads atrocious and Betty and Nancy bounced their way from pothole to pothole, proving a city can still provide Mt biking terrain.

Brekkie before departing Otres/OhTrash
Bath time on the street

Once we navigated our way through Sihnoukville we were pleasantly surprised and had what has possibly been out most enjoyable morning of riding. A delight to be off the beaten path again and greeted with friendly smiles, waves and hellos.

Little coastal village and first drinks stop
Drinks stop with this lovely man. Gave us tea and we tried to have a chat
The coast and stunning scenery
200m stretch with no rubbish
Great view and no traffic
Not as scary as the dogs the other day!

Lovely short day riding on quiet roads, undulating terrain and we arrive at the tiny, sleepy village of Stung Hav to be told the Guesthouse was full. Panic time but he points to another down the road which looks like it is actually closed. However we score a dirty room for the night but a beds a bed and we have a big day tomorrow.

Explored the village……

The town of Stung Hav

And look what we find.

A brand new coffee shop

One extreme to the other as across the road from coffee shop.

Restaurant attached to guesthouse. Looks idyllic but reality is it’s more like a toxic swamp land. However the beer is cold and we are having a ball

So one night here before a big day tomorrow. We are starting to hit the wild west remoteness of Cambodia, making our way to the Thai border.

4 thoughts on “Leaving the tourist trail”

  1. Lynnie and Andy so enjoying reading about your travels You guys are amazing but know that you will be enjoying every part of it
    Keep up the posts and keep safe
    Think of you both often xx


  2. Hi you beautiful people, it is so good to be able to see all your lovely photos(most of them) & to hear about all your adventures, we tell everyone about your trip & they are astounded. I will be a bit happier when you are out of Cambodia. Love to you both, take care Di & Reg xx You both are looking so good, so I am happy about that xx


  3. Hi Lynnie ..and Andy too of course. Hope this ok way to get thru to you ..Just to say how much am enjoying following your journey, from my point of view pbly better than being there!! Youve had some ups n downs, but basically seeing another side of the world and having an amazing experience. Im still playing some good tennis, all those years of coaching have come together and am relaxed n hitting ball well and enjoying it greatly 🙂 Bill is doin ok, but every day just goin downhill a little, food getting harder to swallow. So i will get out on courts n with friends while i can, as not sure he will be driving much longer. Dr upped his morphine scrip yesterday. Art world is treating me well with 5 of 6 paintings sold at a recent joint exhibition i had wth 3 friends in Suter McKee Gallery. So that gives me something to do if i am going to be at home a lot more in nxt few months. Luckily i have good friends n lovely neighbour and of course my sister, so will hv a good support team. Keep up the fab job u r doing telling us about your journey, i love hearing about it. Take care … love n hugs from Lyn B

    http://www.lynbroughtonart.weebly.com. ph 0211597139


  4. Both looking fit and well and Andy looks like he has found a real cup of coffee. I have just booked Otago Trail Rail with Xmas first in Queenstown followed by 5 days on the bikes. Not to hard for kids and plenty of pubs on the way. Finish in Dunedin for night and back to Auckland. Enjoy the rest of the trip. The clan.


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