Getting ready for the Cambodian New Year.

Kampot – Kep – Kampot = 51km

We are having a great time chilling out in Kampot cycling around exploring. Actually got chased by our first dogs yesterday unlike the very aggressive Thai dogs up until yesterday we have found them more placid. Dog is actually on the menu here in Cambodia so those that play up may well be next on the rotisserie.

Coffee time chilling out.

Our timing has us striking the Cambodia New Year this weekend, so it will be chaos with their one big holiday for the year.

They are already starting to rock into town.

Well it actually builds up for about a week and continues well after the weekend. This being the case we decided to stay in Kampot and just do a day bike ride yesterday down to Kep.

Roadside scenery on way down to Kep
The last 10km into Kep on the flashest of roads, with solar and wind powered LED street lighting. All courtesy of the Chinese!
Fishing village on way to Kep

Pleased that’s what we decided to do as the holiday makers were already arriving by the bus load, spending their day swimming fully clothed with life jackets in a not so desirable beach, eating crab and drinking Angkor beer.

The beach of Kep the locals swimming with jeans and tees and life jackets
Kep Village
Kep beach

We much prefer it here in Kampot where there is a melting pot of locals, backpackers and old leathery male sexpats (with their much younger Cambodian girlfriend tagging along). Its great people watching alongside great food, coffee and beer. All going to plan and our timings are right, after the NY (as accommodation all booked out further north so can’t move on yet) we will hit the road on Monday making our way towards the Thai border.

Nancy has her first flatty. A fine bit of wire was the culprit

3 thoughts on “Getting ready for the Cambodian New Year.”

  1. Another great blog. We are at Mavors about to go into town to see Mary and Graham before heading through to Queenstown. Weather has been awfully cold and wet so far, but a nice cool clear day today. Nice stop over at Anne’s . Called in to see Ruth, Alan and Roy yesterday and what a disaster it is there. Although Ruth seemed not too bad with us there, as we know they can do, apparently Alan is beside himself not knowing what to do with her and has asked me to speak with the boys for advice which I will do of course. Apparently the night before Ruth took herself off to bed early and promptly put her nighty on over the top of her dirty old clothes!!!! I told Alan Mum was only a year or so behind her really. Don’t think he is handling all repeated questions every day at all. I just said get over it, as it is al part of the disease. Couldn’t talk much yesterday though. Spent a couple of hours with Neill and Jan yesterday, as all as expected there. Thought Neill was handling it well, but Jan was Bright and cheerie, after the initial emotional greeting. Lost a lot of weight though. Having another little op next week to try and put stent in small intestine to try and get bowel moving. Not eating much though so will continue to go backwards. All family getting together next week and spending 3 days in Naseby. Not sure why there.but that is a bit of a last hurrah I think. No more news. Keep up the photos. Travel safe. Cheers m and d.

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  2. Will be good to experience another countries New Year. Very interesting countryside and how it seems to change with each new town you visit. We are into the final two days of the Commonwealth games. Good viewing but live athletics doesn’t start until about 10.30pm ish. No real surprises and ladies hockey into final with Australia after beating England on a penalty shootput. Ladies have not scored in their last three games. Aus beat them 1-0 and both Canada and England were both 0-0, as they the only team you assumed would be in final. Seems a great Games. Safe travels. Kel seems OK after operation and next few months will be interesting. Love Mum Dad


  3. Hi guys, looks like you are enjoying your well deserved rest, it looks a lovely place, along the beach reminded me of Bali, it is very similar, enjoy the New Year celebrations, take care.


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