Chilling out in Kampot

Chum Kiri – Kampot = 50km

Yesterday we had a blazing ride in the rain most of the way and a great tail wind for a change. A handful of peanuts along the way and that was brekkie before we smoked it into Kampot leaving the dust in our wake.

One drowned rat finds a coffee shop on arriving in Kampot and then discovers her shirt was back to front so sporting mud splatters on both sides!

What a delightful chilled out town Kampot is. Still a poor Cambodian town however quite a large ex pat community along with the odd hippie and backpacker mooching around but no other crazy cycle tourists in sight.

Streets of Kampot

Pizza for dinner last night and 50c beers watching the sunset on the river, it was a great way to celebrate what we saw as a great leg of this journey and incredible adventure. Having ridden 830km now from just out of Bangkok through the length of Cambodia.

Great digs for the next 4 nights while we chill out and give the bums and bods a rest

Where we crossed the border from Thailand into Poipet and rode the 560km down through rural Cambodia now sitting in Kampot in Southern Cambodia. We will bike the 22km out to Kep for a couple of nights on Wednesday then next weekend start making our way towards Sihnoukville up to Ko Kong (250km) on the west making our way through the Cardamon Mountains where we will cross the border back into Thailand towards the end of the month. Mountains will be a change after such flat riding so far.

Thanks heaps for all your messages on the blog, we absolutley love them despite not replying to them.

5 thoughts on “Chilling out in Kampot”

  1. Congratulations on making it to Kampot. A well deserved rest to you both. Well done. 🍻
    Lost our 4 matches of tennis today but some really good games tho. Too hot for a New Zealander 😂😂 My mixed doubles partner was suffering from nerves!! But a good day any way.
    Enjoy your break and I look forward to seeing how the next leg goes. Cheers


  2. Great efforts! Bet the bums will be looking forward to some time off! Winters supposed to hit here today for the week. Enjoy the warm 🙂


  3. Kampot looks a very interesting city at the bottom of Vietnam. Is it near beaches. Have missed a couple of your calls as been out and about. Not now as have 24 hours of heavy rain coming with temperatures peaking at 9. Kels operation tomorrow with Sami Sophie with their dad in Rolleston. She has two weeks off work and schools on holiday from this Friday. Crusaders going well with only one loss and have a bye this week which is good at this point in the season. Love to you both Mum Dad

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