What a difference a day makes

Kong Pisey – Chum Kiri = 50km

Surprisingly good sleep on the hardest of beds, felt like a slab of concrete with a sheet over it and woke to a few cockroaches on the floor, so moved on pretty quickly.

After the dusty effort yesterday we were hoping for a more enjoyable day and we got it. Lovely riding on a nice road with heaps to look at and friendly waves and smiles along the way.

Let’s get a baguette to takeaway……just that one beside the pigs head would be great thanks.

Village where we had brekkie

100m down the road to get a seat and eat brekkie which was just a dry baguette……but a safe option.

Arrived Chum Kiri which is a very small village but out of the countryside appears this modern 2yr old hotel with aircon and hot water for nz$20.

Certainly didn’t expect this in Chum Kiri

Feeling a bit posh after yesterdays grubby day
Across the road from the hotel. Absolute extremes
Stunning view across from hotel

The family hotel owners can’t do enough for us but like most places in this part of the world have zero English but so hospitable.

Locals off to work

A sachet of coffee with this 30yr old local trying hard to practise his English.

So a couple of quiet well deserved beers (after coffee) and a stinking hot day we then found one of the few places open for dinner and we were treated like rockstars. Phone cameras appeared from everywhere and before i knew it the girls had my phone and they had me as their FB friends!!!! No matter how remote we are Wi-Fi is available

Restaurant kitchen
Staff quarters at the restaurant.
Having a ball thanks to Google translator to order our fried rice!
This little pocket rocket was one of the staff members’ kids

One more day of riding to get to Kampot tomorrow before cruising it for a week or so.

3 thoughts on “What a difference a day makes”

  1. Great pics again. Appears so interesting and you both look well. Viewing quite a bit of Commonwealth games. Sophie Pascoe just won her heat. Did not realise that para Olympics now competing with Olympics. Watch healthy Olympian in pool then next event a Para Olympian. We are both well. Colder weather on the horizonLove Mum Dad

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  2. Luxurious accomodation after some you have stayed in. All the bikes reminded me of Bali & you both look so much cleaner.Take care xx


  3. Thank you for the great blog. You two appear to have impressive constitutions!…. continue to enjoy and stay well. xShona


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