Bloody head winds

Kampong Chnang – Oudong = 56km

Well that was one full on morning of riding. Head winds, hills and hectic traffic as we are now actually only 40km from Phnom Penh the largest city in Cambodia. We are opting to bypass PP as were there back in 2006.

Wasn’t a lot to look at today and concentration was at a premium! We always knew that this 200km making our way to the tourist town of Kampot we were going to be roughing it on and off the bike.

There are 3 guesthouses in this dusty old town and after checking out all 3 we settled on the ChonChau at NZ8 and it is surprisingly good. So hard to imagine we can go camping in NZ and pay NZ$55 for our tiny 2 man tent and here we have our own bathroom, bed sheets towel and Wi-Fi and Betty and Nancy inside!

The main street of Oudong which is actually highway 5 to PP
Full on traffic in Oudong
How much crap can you really fit in a van?
ChonChau NZ$8
Shower and Loo they even supplied shampoo, comb, toothbrush and 2 bottles of water.
And a padlock to lock from the outside
Then out of nowhere in this town we find a coffee shop!
Is this the luckiest town in Cambodia or what? These little cycle tourists purchased 2 beers at a time…….and lets not count the total……and everyone has been free……The guesthouse owner couldn’t believe it but don’t worry we tipped her real well.

2 thoughts on “Bloody head winds”

  1. Hi that van was a crack up 😂 😂
    The cars look like they are from countries that no longer want them eg Fiji get the unwanted cars from Australia .
    At least the roads don’t look too dusty where you are at the moment.
    The room doesn’t look too bad and the price is fantastic for a night.
    Hope the head wind soon starts to die out soon!! Head winds can really test you at times!!!
    Happy riding and remember you are always getting closer to your destination 😜😜 cheers 🍻🍷


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