Gets better every day

Battambang – Moung Ruessei =48km

After leaving the delightful city of Battambang and giving ourselves 2 nights to recover from the dust and mud we were ready to hit the road again.

Deciding on brekkie before hitting the road. This cafe was run by widowed ladies and served exceptional food

What a great day of riding, generally good roads although still plenty of bumps so sports bra definitely required! So much to look at and once again friendly smiling faces everywhere. Temps were hot hitting 37deg so was good to pull up stumps before midday.

We stayed the night at Moung Ruessei at a fantastic hotel and enjoyed our first swim in Cambodia.

Lovely scenic ride
Great day on the bikes, just dust but no mud
Drinks break. Heaps of places selling drinks along the way but very few have somewhere to sit and have a rest
Slumming it in Moung Ruessei for NZ$20
Nice little shelter for beer o’clock
A couple of quiets with some Cambodian guys staying at the hotel. Steve the guy on the left actually has lived in the States since he was 11yrs old, departing Cambodia just after the Polpot regime. Now back in Cambodia trying to help the poor villages.
A whisky with the off duty Police Captain discussing corruption. Her base wage of US$300 per month and the rest of her salary supplemented in bribes
This place gets better. Free cans of beer offered under the pull tab! Approx 1/6 success rate!

Muang Ruessei – Pursat = 60km

Great sleep after a couple of whisky nightcaps and woken up at 5am by some ridiculous music blaring out of the village town speaker. The same song was on autoplay so decided to get the day underway at 6.30am. Oh my goodness Muang Russei had come to life on a Saturday morning. This was amazing to people watch and it was like a total step back in time. Different to what we have experienced anywhere else in Asia before.

Saturday morning market time
First time we have seen the horses put to work
Horses carrying a big load of dirt
Road side bum rest. So much rubbish everywhere alongside the roads.

After grabbing a baguette for brekkie we were on our way making our way to the city of Pursat. It was overcast so easier riding than yesterday but heaps more traffic, maybe as it is Saturday.

Once again so much to see and blows us away the different modes of transport. Bicycle, scooter, horse and cart, crappy cars, flash utes, mini buses with people and scooters on the roof and hanging out the back. Strange looking tractor things, motor carts with the village people loaded on board sitting in the hay, buses packed to the max and big trucks. So the 60km was peeled off with so much to take in biking through village after village and you could notice the difference in wealth between villages.

Once again not roughing it tonight in Pursat and even get a buffet brekkie tomorrow so that will be a first for this trip and saves us having to wander the streets in the morning looking for edible eats. Can’t really stomach bug salad first thing!

Traditional village house although there are definitely some more modern houses starting to pop up in places.
Typical villages we rolled on through
KM Hotel in Pursat.
So this is where we are currently sitting on the Cambodia map. Making our way down South. Seem to have come a long way since Poipet with just under 500km on the clock now.

4 thoughts on “Gets better every day”

  1. What a great experience you are both experiencing. It is awesome to see the pics so can only imagine what you are experiencing in person!! Love your updates. Have a great Easter weekend…. Do they celebrate Easter over there?? If so is there Easter eggs or something else? Keep on enjoying your road trip and I look forward to the next update. Save travels.


    1. Hey Yvonne. Yes amazing adventure. No sign of Easter being celebrated here at all and no public holidays this wknd or an Easter egg or hot x bun to be found. Have a great Easter though.


  2. Such beautiful photos, it certainly is a lovely place. Can’t get over the police captain relying on bribes, what a different way of living. Brayden is here so I am going to show him all your photos, until next time take care. Di & Reg


  3. You should call in at a school. Show them where you live and give them bike rides.
    So th locals happy with their life. Almost envy them.
    Great picture . Stay safe. All good with us. Kel girls for tea sat night, but Kel brought her own meal.. All pending her operation.her tea looked yummy.
    Love to you both.
    Ma Pa


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