Dust, Mud and Potholes to Battambang

Sisophan – Battambang = 68km

We thoroughly enjoyed our one night stopover in Sisophan which was a great introduction to Cambodia. We actually first visited Cambodia 12 years ago but it was a quick 8 day trip through the tourist traps of Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. It didn’t leave a positive impression of the country back then so we wanted to come back again and get off the tourist trail……….and so far we are really pleased we did.

The dusty town of Sisophan
5pm aerobics class on the footpath of Sisophan
Pancakes for dessert for 70c

Up early yesterday to hit the road to Battambang on Highway 5. Had no idea what riding conditions to expect but I think we covered all conditions. In fact I can honestly say I’ve never been so dirty in all my life. By the end of the day we felt like we had just done a 68km tough mudder bike endurance event.

We have since read that the Japanese are pumping US200million into the upgrade of highway 5 and this development was well under way.

Departing Sisophan.
The dirt shoulder we rode on for some of the way
The new highway 5 under construction we snuck on from time to time

Potholes, mud, dirt and the fun began

We rolled through dusty villages, dodging potholes, waving and talking to the happiest and friendliest people. Kids on bikes would ride along side us practising their English so the day flew by. Then we hit a town where there had been rain and we wondered why we bothered showering that morning.

Primary school
Schools approx every 10km where they seem to go for either morning or afternoon classes
Drink break with the kids. 20 kids loaded into this school minibus
A test for the motor bike

The hose down required both person and bikes.

Oh so dirty
Shower cap on the Brooks saddle and the hose down begins
City of Battambang. The 2nd biggest city in Cambodia
Back streets of Cambodia. Coffee shops, mobile phone shops everywhere
River downtown Battambang where we had beer o’clock
School kids playing in the river.
Roast pig with tail still on
Awesome digs at Holiday Hotel. Betty and Nancy downstairs but certainly not roughing it for $18nz.
Andy so wants to push zero and see what sort of “hot service” he gets!
Coffee cart on the footpath. Star Lucks with same logo as Starbucks

So after riding the last 7/8 days and nearly 400km on the clock we are staying here 2 nights before hitting the road tomorrow making our way south through Cambodia. Having an absolute blast. They say that Thailand is the “land of smiles” but so far Cambodia takes the cake.

2 thoughts on “Dust, Mud and Potholes to Battambang”

  1. My god talk about dust & dirt, you have seen your share, Cambodia is nothing like I expected, the roads are wide & plenty of shops. Did I tell you Brayden is going there with school later on in the year, he is looking forward to it. Your accomodation everywhere looks quiet good & you both look so happy. Take care xxx


  2. Lynnie – great post! Love your adventures. Thinking that in that climate a cool service (Press number 5) would be more fitting.


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