We have made it to Cambodia!

Aranyaprathet/Poipet border – Sisophan = 52km

Well we have survived what is renowned as the most corrupt and dodgey border crossing in SE Asia which is nicknamed the “Scambodia arrival”. Without a doubt you aren’t the same target for scams when you are on your bikes as maybe you look ready for a quick getaway. When the corrupt police at Cambodian immigration requested his 100b bribe money Andy gave him a very stern “no that won’t be happening”, he rolled his eyes and 10 minutes later we had the visa and we were in Cambodia. We have now done a few SE Asia border crossings by land but boy this was something else………………..(couldn’t take many pics as police everywhere and didn’t want to be caught)

Everything except for us was 100 miles an hour
You name it they were running it through the border
Even kids were in the rat race
The chaos continues

Now on the Cambodian side it is immediately obvious the difference in wealth compared with Thailand, from roads, to cars, houses and everything in between. A quick stop just through the border at a bank in Poipet to get some Riel and off we go. Amongst the dusty and smokey roads and villages we were greeted with huge smiles and hellos from what would be some of the friendliest people we have encountered.

It was a tough 52km today with a head wind, now biking on the right hand side of the road, wasn’t a lot of shoulder and the traffic heavy out of the border.

Hmmmm hope we are going the right way
Village on the highway where we stopped for a coke and spent our first Riel
13yr old boy loved practising his English and his 4yr brother that we had our drinks stop with
One of the main streets and market at Sisophan where we are staying
Late lunch after the ride and baguette and goodies inside. Like the Vietnamese Bhan Mi not sure yet what they are called here but I’m sure we will have many more and super yummy.
Back of a house in Sisophan

However yet again scored some great digs for NZ $20 with Betty and Nancy parked up inside. The shower was awesome after the dust and the heat and looking forward to trying some Cambodian beer tonight.

Choices…….hmmmm getting thirsty now.

3 thoughts on “We have made it to Cambodia!”

  1. Cambodia is different to what I expected I am so glad it looks so civilized, I was a little worried about you going there, but I do have faith in your judgment, once again have a great time & take care, we think & talk about you often. Love Di & Reg xxx


  2. Congratulations on getting over the border without too many hassles. Thank goodness Andy stode up to them…. Way to go!! 😀 Wow can tell by photos you are in a different country… 😁 Enjoy your continued journey through Cambodia and safe travels


  3. Great to be able to get to the smaller villages. Are these border crossings where you travel from one country to another, or are they more frequent. Are they wearing guns? We are both well. Love Mum Dad Have Sophie today as teacher only day leading into Easter.

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