2km from the Cambodia border

Kabin Buri – Sa Kaeo 47km

Departed the delightful Kabin Buri where we met the loveliest owners and their friends and made our way to Sa Kaeo.

Kabin Buri Baan Sri family guesthouse. They were all into riding so intrigued by the bikes and set up

A quick 47km to Sa Kaeo with plenty to see on the side of the road along the way. Found great digs at River Hotel which was directly opposite a shopping mall so we hung out in the aircon for a bit, had ourselves a KFC 45c ice cream which will be the last for a while. Then purchased new Team Nev Uniforms!

Beer o’clock at the back of the hotel after a great day riding to Sa Keo

Sa Keo – Aranyaprathet = 52km

Up early checked out of the hotel with a few laughs from the staff who loved our new gear as they were wearing similar.

An easy day of riding with sugar cane crops on either side of the road the entire trip.

Team uniforms getting their first outing
Another great ride today – making sure we will be seen on the road!
Sugar cane trucks everywhere
Found ourselves a guest house and washing is done
Lunch after another great day

So we have now ridden 260km across Thailand and sitting 2km from the Cambodian border. It apparently opens at 8am tomorrow so we will be there first thing as want to ride approx 55km to our first stop in Cambodia Sisophan. Also we have been riding in 35deg and the temps rise significantly in the afternoon so fingers crossed for a smooth crossing tomorrow. We will have a few US$1 bribe notes on hand if required.

5 thoughts on “2km from the Cambodia border”

  1. Wahoo love the new uniforms… you will be fitting in nicely now as locals. ๐Ÿ˜€ All the best for a smooth crossing tomorrow.
    You have sugar cane trucks everywhere and we have grain and grape trucks everywhere at present ๐Ÿ˜œRide safely and I look forward to your next set of exciting updates. ๐Ÿ˜›


  2. Will be thinking of you tomorrow going over the border, please take care. Love your new uniforms, you look great. Love always di & Reg xxx


  3. Great effort you guys and love the team shirts!! Also interested in the egg delivery – slightly different than my 1/2 tonn of eggs to HK each week:). Safe travels and I h0pe the boarder crossing went smoothly. K, P, S,J & Stan xx


  4. Good luck at the border !! in those shirts they probably won’t want you hanging around too long!!
    The bikes look great. Hope they’re proving to be as good to ride as you’d hoped.


  5. Ipad problems. What an marvellous time you are having and obviously enjoying the locals. We all good here. Aussi cricket in a total shambles, and regarded now much the same as people view Donald Trump. Good chat with Lindsay over a beer today. XXMum Dad


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