Our new Sunny Coast lifestyle.

So hard to believe we have now been living here on the Sunny Coast for 2 months and today is the second day we have seen rain.  The opposite to NZ we are suffering drought like conditions here.

We are absolutely loving our new laid back lifestyle, having a blast with work and play.  Has been awesome catching up with old friends and bumping into people holidaying that we know so be sure to look us up when you over here.

We are currently in Auckland for 2 days as Andy gives his bone marrow recipient a top up. I’m sure this random has just acquired a taste for craft beer in Andy’s marrow.  What is with this weather up here? Don’t miss the cold SW wind at all.

No bikes in this update as its magpie season and we are sick of being swooped upon. However be rest assured we are in the throws of planning our 2018 bike adventures.

Whale watching view from our balcony.
Loading the backpack with supplies then on the bikes to get precious cargo home.
Sampling a siera Nevada pale ale on his birthday
Waiting for Uber, loving being car free
A lot to catch up on after 10yrs Dan and Janet but nothing changes except you now have triplets
With Brend and Mel and kids on GC. Trip down memory lane when we lived on the GC together late 90s early 2000s. Yep we are a couple of shorties!
In uniform off to work. Got to love Coles online grocery delivery
Off to work we go at First Light. 10min walk down the street……..too easy.
Procedure currently taking place in Auckland. Same Dr, same nurses, same recipient who has just sent a personal message via NZ bone marrow services saying he is forever grateful to his donor for being so generous and obliging.







8 thoughts on “Our new Sunny Coast lifestyle.”

  1. Great Pics guys

    Thinking of you both today as Andy lies on that bed in Auckland hospital completing another round of unselfish generosity.


    Mum & dad

    Colin Dick PRIDICT Email Signature2 (2)


  2. Great to catch up on all the news guys. You’re both looking well. Keep the news coming. Weather looks great for you, lucky you haven’t had our rain!!! What’s first light?? Lots of different occupations going on? All good here. Masters cancelled 😦


  3. Love your Coles shirt and colours.
    Great you are able to catch up with friends from the past. Always rewarding.
    We are deciding whether to put on our winter woolies had go for a walk.
    Love the photos. Recovery quickly. Love Mum Dad


  4. Wonderful update as always Lynnie! Andy you are a living saint/angel/miracle! Bravo!! We salute you. Alec is a donor recipient, and we are eternally grateful. Priceless.
    Weather on the improve in Nelson…. sunshine and much warmer too.
    Miss you of course. Be well. Fondest love xxxx


  5. OOOoooooo…by the by, I entered the Master’s Games… got a fourth place…. Indoor smallbore!! First time I’d shot target with a rifle and first time prone… and frst shots fred since 1990!! Loved it!


  6. Hi to you both. You are both looking great so whatever you are doing certainly agrees with you….keep it up! our weather over here has been very much the same as NZ, but we have just had 3 fantastic days 24 -27 C…and now we are in for a wind storm….rocks the motorhome a bit!!! Love your work uniforms but not sure what first light is….Still no pigs yet but they keep telling me they are getting closer!!!! My business is picking up, so is keeping me out of trouble for 2 days a week….lol. All the best, Andy, for your donation and speedy recovery. Love to receive info of what you two are up to….you inspire me to get out and do things……like keeping up the tennis and now learning golf……..watch this space!!..haha.
    Enjoy your journey…..Cheers


  7. Hey guys we love your blog … not to mention your lifestyle! Good on you both you are living the dream and are an example to us all.
    Jim & Karen


  8. Great to see your happy sun tanned faces!!! Life sounds perfect for you guys and we love seeing the snaps. 1st night of interclub last night Lynnie…. great being on the court again but a bit sore this morning:). Andy you are a legend! Lots of love K, P, S & J and of course Stanley xxxxx


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