Great People, Great Food, Awesome weather in Hoi An

We don’t know where the last 3 weeks have gone and can’t believe we have less than a week here left in Hoi An. Most definitely don’t want to leave this town that has the loveliest people, fantastic food and although we are pushing mid-high 30deg temps every day we love the weather also.

No probs at all filling in our days here running, gymming, biking, swimming, shopping and eating/drinking around the town.

Awesome having Mum and Dad here with us for the first 12 days. 
Refreshments needed! 
The owner of the hotel and a couple of her staff taking us and another kiwi guy out for lunch
Andy was was so excited to see what looked like Apple crumble only to discover it was sticky rice stuffed with  chicken offal! 
taking some of the staff out for a coffee.
Old lady trying to make a living selling a boat ride.
Corn drying on the front porch in the countryside.
A bike ride in the countryside with new found kiwi friends.
Refreshments required after a ticky tour on bikes. Great night with Murray and Gaye from Taranaki! 
Mr Hoang’s restaurant, our local dinner joint.
Teaching Mr Hoangs kids Minh and Vin English. They now have the kiwi accent going on. 
Beautiful old buildings.
Taking the staff out for coffee yet again.

5 thoughts on “Great People, Great Food, Awesome weather in Hoi An”

  1. Great pics guys!! Good to see you corrupting the locals with coffee – next trip you’ll have them out for a few beers I’m sure. Oohhh!! Great business idea – set up a local craft beer business?!!


  2. You guys look so relaxed!!! Send some of those vibes this way:) K, P, S & J and a woof from Stanley for you Andy!!


  3. So pleased you are enjoying yourselves and the weather has been kind to you. At the moment here the weather doesn’t know whether to rain or sunshine and the temps have been very low 5c yesterday and 9c today. I’m heading to Perth tomorrow for a course and it’s meant to be stormy and very cold with possible hail!! So enjoy your weather while you can……


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