Loving life in Hoi An

One week in Hoi An and as in the past loving it. Mum and Dad joining us on their first Asian experience and coming out of a cold kiwi winter struggling with the heat. They also quickly realised that the green man flashing on a pedestrian crossing doesn’t mean you can automatically cross the road……. as Dad let out a “bloody wanker” bomb at the truck that nearly Skittled them. Weather incredibly hot and humid but no complaints from The Nevs.

Such an awesome place to hang out, the friendliest people, tastiest food, cold beer, beautiful countryside to have our morning run and got to love the crazy chaotic lifestyle of the Vietnemese in their daily routine.

beautiful Hoi An
Old town Hoi An 
Young boy fishing through the rice fields
Tour guiding through the Country side by foot


Finding a bike for our cycle tour
The local cyclo
The Nevs tour guiding through the country side. 
stinking hot but no complaints from us.
A little hot and bothered but awesome bike ride
Beer o’clock
Mum and dad’s hotel beautiful building and gardens


Andy hunting down the banana and egg pancake





2 thoughts on “Loving life in Hoi An”

  1. Good pics. Just wondering who is leading who. “seems to be many beer O’clocks.”
    Enjoy being all together. Love to all. Gaynor and David.


  2. Great to see your parents enjoying the time over there with you. Love the bikes!! I thought you would have taken your good trusty ones!! All the best.


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