Cold day in the saddle

Day 2 – Ohau Lodge to Omarama = 45km

Wow what a fresh start this morning and didn’t get any warmer. 5 layers of clothes, beannie, gloves and still cold toes and nose all the way.

Steep climb out of the Lodge up to 900m on rocky terrain. Awesome fun coming down hill and what are the odds of finding a man in his station wagon selling good coffee 17k later at Quailburn Rd. Just what we needed to warm up and hear a few yarns.

Onwards to Omarama and finally warming up and lovely afternoon here today.

Great day of riding injury free and no flatties today. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Rugged up and ready to rock. A bit different from Asia. 
Making our way up tarnbrae track looking down on Ohau
Made it to the high point now let the fun begin
Water stop 
On the flat now 
Mocha and Long black a welcome site and pleasant surprise in the middle of nowhere.
Made it and still layered up.
4pm sun is shining and time for a debrief and pinot gris 


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