72km for a scoop of chips!

It wasn’t the best day for riding today with gusty SW winds but well worth the effort to keep getting k’s in the legs, not to mention the best hot chips in Mapua.

Love our season pass for the Mapua Ferry and fingers crossed summer will arrive soon and we can have the tent on board and get cycle touring again.

Not a good start to the day. Flattie 5mins from home.
Rest stop……
Head wind was tough riding on the way out
Rabbit Island and Grandma June’s seat always good for a rest (Sue Hill)
Time to strike a new pose
Mapua ferry with 2mins to spare
Mapua here we come 
Love the set up on the ferry 
This is what makes it all worth while. Best hot chips.
Then the showers came so didn’t want wet chips. Kind of felt like Lewis Stanton hanging out on the foot path! 

4 thoughts on “72km for a scoop of chips!”

  1. Looking good. I was hoping to do that trip while home but time run out. Maybe next time. Don’t compare yourself with Lewis Stanton……..you were only there for a while…..he doesn’t know how to leave!!! LOL All the best for future rides etc

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