From the roads of Asia to the rugged trails of Nelson.

Coppermine Saddle 38km

We have now been back in Nelson for just over 7 weeks and still spending plenty of time on the bikes. Although we do miss the freedom and adventure of cycle touring.  It was time to ditch the slick touring tyres to the knobbly Mountain bike tyres.

Today it was time to challenge myself as we tackled the Coppermine Mountain Bike trail (Andy has done it before). Now I know it is only 38km but with this ride classed as intermediate-advanced I was pushing my limited Mt biking ability!

A solid 3 hour climb with a few rest stops along the way to the Coppermine saddle where it was blowing an absolute gale and was too cold to even stop and get a snap as proof!  Although the tired legs now know it was tough slog.

Then it was onto one of the longest single track descents in NZ where I can truly confirm no speed records were broken.

Great to have ticked the Coppermine box and be home safely in one peace.  The beer is going to taste good tonight!


10am start after the rain cleared.
One and only stupid tumble when a rock jumped out.
View from Bullocks Spur over Nelson 
View out over Rabbit island and beyond
3rd House rest stop
‘Windy Point’ true to name 
Nearly at the saddle
Making our way down 
Was a long way down.

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