Having a ball on the Sunny Coast

Well we have now been in Alexandra Headland/Mooloolaba for the past week transitioning back to the Western lifestyle. Later this week we will be packing up, putting the bikes on the plane as this amazing 4 1/2 month adventure comes to an end………..or does it have to…………..?

We look back on the crazy 2700km journey through Thailand, Laos and Vietnam with a huge sense of achievement and a reminder that our lives don’t need to get caught up in the rat race and ever demanding expectations of society. We can’t pin point actual highlights as it has all been amazing. The freedom of riding with no idea where we would be sleeping each night, the welcome sign of  7/11 stores in Thailand where we knew we could get a cold drink, a toasty, and a toilet stop. Our friend Leo always greeting us at the end of every tough day in the heat and the thrill of finding a place to stay each night. Despite the oh so tasty Asian cuisine we did manage to lose 12kg between us, which is steadily going back on during out time in Oz thanks to kiwi Sav, and indulging in all the foods we craved whilst away.

The smiles and waves from the people from remote villages who were so poor financially but so rich in happiness was a stark reminder that money isn’t necessarily what makes you happy.

Now if anyone ever tells you your bum gets used to time in the saddle without cycle shorts they are lying.  The not so glamorous side of cycle touring, constantly sore bum, loo stops on the side of the road amongst the prickles, on snake look out and hoping you don’t squat over any UXO’s (bombs). The lack of road rules and ridiculous driving had us see way too many crashes first hand.

So little old Nelson you are going to seem very quiet and cold when we return later this week, but looking forward to seeing you all soon. In the meantime we will be planning the next chapter………

Getting out and about on our Oz bikes. 
Beautiful one day 
Perfect the next 
View from top of Alex Headland 
Local coffee shop across from the beach. 
Alex Surf Club Sunday session. Sorry Leo but we ditched you for craft beer and bubbles 


3 thoughts on “Having a ball on the Sunny Coast”

  1. Must be a great feeling and a sense of accomplishment to now be home after such an amazing journey. I am sure Nelson will be as rewarding but in a different way. If talking to Colin and Irene, we will look in on the Auckland game on Wednesday. Wellington may surprise. Think Sami will be keen to see whether they measure up?
    Love mum dad


  2. Hey you two.

    Have really enjoyed following your amazing journey. Will be a reality shock going home to normal whatever that may be.

    You never know it hopefully may be me and baz one day, not sure about bikes and Lycra though……

    Take care and if you do it again somewhere else maybe I will be following. Found it amazing, like you said on a bike you see so much more


    Sent from my iPad



  3. Glad to see your photos after our week in Tamworth & Moree, had a good time, but also had cold & rain most of the time. Love Di & Reg xxx


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