Birthday Boy in Bali


Agus Tri the owners son, also the name of the guesthouse. 
Burger, fries and coke. Perfect birthday lunch! 
Followed by more birthday cake. Just as well we went to the gym prior. 
Fantastic night out. Happy Birthday sung by the band, staff and everyone in the restaurant. They then continued to sing it in Indonesian. 
And the night continued as the heavens opened outside. So I guess we were stuck in the bar!!!!
Susan the waitress thought it was a great idea to give us free shots!  We thought so to although paying the price today 
Caroline and Rene from Holland celebrating with the birthday boy.
Jimmy the very hard case waiter. 
Great night out.
What a way to celebrate the 47th birthday! 

Was such a great day here in Bali yesterday celebrating Andy’s birthday.

I wonder where we will be next year for birthday celebrations………………..?


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