Cycle tour Bali

With wanting to leave our own bikes in their boxes for our short stay in Bali it was time to do a cycle tour instead.

So off we headed this morning by car for the tour which started with a visit to the Coffee Plantation. Andy was in coffee heaven and got to taste ‘Coffee Luwak’, which is coffee berries that have been eaten by the Civat cat. It’s poo (undigested berries) are collected, washed and turned into a ‘catpoocino’. This is known to be the most expensive coffee in the world due to it’s rarity.

The coffee cat looked more like a possum.
The process is underway
Not sure what he’s getting himself into
Hmmmmmm actually very drinkable and worth the $6 experience.
Then the opportunity to sample many varieties of coffee and tea.

Then it was through Ubud and on to Kintamani village to view Mt Batur.


Up the hill further to start the cycle tour. Not really knowing what to expect we were pleasantly surprised and enjoyed cycling through the jungle and villages.

Start of the tour making sure we all know how to use the gears and brakes. Same clothes, same helmet and certainly different bike.
Made our guide. Seems like every second shop or person here is called Made,  pronounced Marday.
Looking very worried and not sure if the bike will last the 22km tour.
Through the villages we go.
Local villages and streets
In the jungle on tiger look out.
Village in the hills.
Village kids playing soccer barefoot. The jandals were in the goal.
Then through the rice fields we go
The rain is coming…..
Just before the heavens opened.
Tough day working in the fields
Soaked from top to toe with the last 6km riding in a torrential downpour. Feeling alive in Bali.
Lovely late lunch to finish off a great day of cycling in Bali.

3 thoughts on “Cycle tour Bali”

  1. You two make it all look sooooooo easy! So idyllic! Impressed with the catpoocino!! ha ha ha ….and then I have to say I’m impressed with the nail varnish Lynnie! All this AND perfectly groomed nails! Blown away! So happy to see you guys having a memorable adventure! Much love Nix xxx

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  2. Wow looks great. What a great time you are both having. We are hoping to get there before too long. Love all the updates. Cheers to you both


  3. You certainly are having a great time looking around Bali, when we were there a few years ago we went up to ubud for lunch with a group that were there for the wedding with us & it was lovely.


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