First few days in Bali

After a couple of nights in Bangkok Andy was able to catch up with his good mate Leo before heading to Bali.

So loyal still. 
Roadside stall for dinner in Bangkok 
Making our way through the airport. Tippy toes and still can’t see where I’m going.
Bali airport. Hundreds of signs with names but where is ours……? Finally found it! 

Customs in both Bangkok and Bali have been so slack with our bikes and we have just walked straight through.

Bali is a place that we have never had any desire to go to but we thought why not suss it out and see what the fuss is about. We have chosen to stay at Sanur Beach, described as a desirable place for ‘mature couples’. Not sure if that is our category……….. but hey we think we made the right choice and have been pleasantly surprised.

Once again the weather very hot and humid but we have a great guesthouse and lovely swimming pool. The beach in Sanur is not that appealing or maybe it is just we were spoilt in Vietnam and Thailand. The Balinese people are very friendly, the food is tasty and the beer is cold! We expected it to be packed with Aussies but surprisingly very few, maybe they also read that Sanur was for ‘mature people’ and realised they didnt qualify and stayed in Kuta. (however many foreign tourists).

Same clothes yet again, same helmet, different bike.
Exploring Sanur  
Lovely walkway, cycle trail, and our morning running track.
Sanur was originally a fishing village.
Same clothes, same helmet different bike!
Heaps of restaurants dotted along the waterfront. 
Main Street of Sanur. 
View from our balcony. Only 8 rooms at the guesthouse. 
Agus Tri Guesthouse 
Lunch time in a warung.






3 thoughts on “First few days in Bali”

  1. So Leo can only burp!! All good with us and mum happy.
    So bikes borrowed or bought?
    With all the criticsism of Aussi rugby, they would probably beat any other team at home.
    Love Mum/Dad


  2. You are not gong to want to come home, boy what a holiday you are having, take care. Have had Joeanne my sister & her husband Mick here for 4 days, they left this morning, so haven’t been able to follow you. Love Di xx


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