The Nevs depart Nam

What an amazing 5 weeks it has been in the beautiful historic Hoi An.  The food has been oh so yummy, the weather has been incredibly hot and the beach stunning.  No doubt the highlight has been the warm welcoming hospitality from the locals. We have had so much fun we don’t want to leave this magic spot.

However it was time to pack up the bikes and get them ready for their 5 flights. First challenge was of course tracking down a couple of bike boxes.

Traipsing through the streets of Hoi An with our $1.50 boxes
Awkward every way I tried in scorching temps

Then it was off to get them cleaned another $1.50 per bike later including tip! Then let the fun begin seeing if we can get them to fit.

Outside the guesthouse, rack removed.

A couple of snaps of our last few days in Hoi An and lucky enough to experience the annual Lunar Festival. The photos don’t show the noise but the incessant beating of the drums was crazy. The kids do this, dance in their Lion costumes and then ask for money.

Daily view from local cafe
Easy way to spend a few hours watching the world go by
Market sellers
Having a beer people watching.
final night at one of our favourite spots. We were kindly treated to green chilli rice wine.
Think that says it all…….super spicy!

Lunar Festival celebrations last night.  Traffic was at a standstill as 100s stop to watch. It continues for 2 days.


Here we are at Danang airport bound for Bangkok


2 thoughts on “The Nevs depart Nam”

  1. You have made me thirsty. Pour a red wine and celebrate a great trip you have had. No doubt it will be great to get back to Nelson, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand plan another trip. XXMum Dad


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