24hour Flood in Hoi An

We have been so fortunate this trip to see hardly any rain but boy did the heavens open yesterday. The forecast was for 190mls in 24 hours and to batten down the hatches as a typhoon expected this morning at 10am. Well it heaved down yesterday that’s for sure and the instant flooding in the street was amazing. We woke this morning and the typhoon had passed through during the night and back to a blue sky day and no damage we can see. All kids have today off school in preparation for the anticipated typhoon.

‘Some people feel the rain, others just get wet’ – Roger Miller

With a bit of cabin fever we headed to the gym being careful not to trip over the many buckets set up to catch the rain coming through the numerous holes in the old tin roof.

Then it was coffee time and wow what a hoot. Cycling through the flooded streets as the rain pelted down. Talk about feeling alive!

One drowned rat.
Traffic still doesn’t slow down
The ponchos are on and the scooters are still in action
Water was lapping into guesthouse entrance 
Friends from our Palmy North motel days. Great catch up the day earlier. 
Great to catch up Susan and Brian 


2 thoughts on “24hour Flood in Hoi An”

  1. It must have been nice to see the rain after all the hot weather you have been having. It is going to be so lovely to catch up when you get back to Queensland. Reg has our Canada photos & Videos on USB’s so you can have a look at a few of those if we are able to organise a catch up. Speak to you soon, take care. Love Di & Reg xxxx


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