Hanging in Hue

Well the initial plan was to stay in Hue 3 nights but 6 days later we are still here. A couple of reasons for getting stuck in this great spot. Firstly it is so incredibly hot with day time temps being 40deg (but the reading says feels like 52), so we are delaying sweating it out on the bikes for a few days.  As you know we love the heat but this takes it to another level with the aircon in our room even struggling to cope. Not complaining as it looks as though its been dam cold back in NZ this past week.

Secondly this is such a lovely city and ticks most of the boxes. Great accommodation, super friendly locals and fantastic food with the choice of local or Western fare, oh and of course cold beer. Did we mention cheap……..We don’t think prices have gone up in 10 years when we were last here. Accommodation NZ $25 including brekki, 1.5 litre water 30c, stubbie beer 50c, great local eats $1.8 per meal.

The plan is to bike south tomorrow but the joy of having no strict itinerary that may well change.

Sights of Hue
Traffic is just nuts
Citadel Hue
Perfume river
Perfume River running through city
Hanging outside the guesthouse. Power had gone down so no aircon
Andys new 6yr old buddy Quan just chilling out. Super kid that lives next to guesthouse.
Tough day selling
Back streets of Hue. Lady selling peanuts 
Bicycles and scooters main mode of transport.
Having an afternoon nap on his scooter. 
Lunch time meal prep.
Lunch – sticky rice with chicken, onion and coriander with spicy sauce and soup. $1.80 and delish
Drinks stop after a walk in sweltering temps. 

2 thoughts on “Hanging in Hue”

  1. Think the ladies sevens enjoyed being the underdog, but weren’t thinking of second.
    Where you are is to hot, but we also enjoy sunshine and blue skies– minus 4 to a high of 10, and very cold northeaster.


  2. It must be so nice to relax & unwind & enjoy a few nice cold beers, you really deserve it. Luv to you both. Di & Reg xxx


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