Highway riding, Headwind and Horns to Hue

Dong Ha – Hue = 70km

Up early yet again and departed the industrial busy city of Dong Ha making our way south to Hue. Highway riding was a little bit of a bore after the amazing past 10 days through Laos. With temps hitting 37+ degrees today and not a lot to look at along the way today was all about the destination not the journey.

We whacked out the 70km as quick as we could with a headwind and arrived to the lovely city of Hue. Found the Four Seasons guesthouse where we will park ourselves for the next few days.

Feeling very civilised after the remoteness of Laos and the pizza was a hit last night along with cold beers overlooking the Perfume River.

2230km the journey so far
Departing Dong Ha
Highway riding all the way to Hue.
Extremely bedraggled in the heat. Drinks break and needed that hammock.
The busy streets of Hue
Walking a big load down the street.
Another city another beer and bargain at 50c! Still looking a little puffed out.
Soooo tasty and nice change from noodles and rice.


2 thoughts on “Highway riding, Headwind and Horns to Hue”

  1. Must have a wine to toast your great adventures.
    Big game tomorrow and weather won’t be flash. Will be good to see Hurricanes win and a tribute to their coaches.
    Olympic Games start tomorrow with opening ceremony. Medals from the those in boats on thewater,cycling and rugby 7s. Go Valerie.


  2. Your both looking so fit & suntanned, that pizza must have really been good after all the rice & noodles along the way, what a great time you are having & what an experience. Take care. Luv Di & Reg xxx


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