Another border crossing and Hello Vietnam

Sepon – Dansavan = 45km on Aug 2nd

Yesterday we had our last stretch of riding through rural Laos to get us to the border. Started off with a walk to the market in Sepon to get some brekki before hitting the road. Struggled to find anything to eat that wasn’t still alive or was dead with fur and eyes still attached!!!  No wastage in this country.

We were loading up and Bugger noticed our first flattie of the trip. Not a bad effort as our first puncture with a combined total of over 4000km both bikes. Andy worked his magic and we were on the road in no time. Absolutely stunning ride through incredibly remote villages and quiet rolling hills. Arrived at the border town of Dansavan where we got a dive of a room for the night and no wifi but hey you don’t expect much more at border towns. Other Laotian guests and their child spent the afternoon with us practising their English with their school English work book.

Sepon morning markets
Little girl selling spring onions at Sepon market
Yahoo they sold baguettes for 50c each filled with………….let’s just say stuff as unsure what it was
First flattie at guesthouse changing it over
Then down to the local bike shop for a little bit more air to hit the road
The ride from Sepon to Dansavan.
Drinks break along the way.
Stunning scenery through rolling hills
Dansavan border town and the pig just hanging out
Roughing it cycle touring. One very sad looking well travelled baguette
Shy little girl we helped with her English. She is wearing her I love NZ badge and sticker
Happy birthday Dad! We were thinking of you raising a glass but no wifi to contact you yesterday.

August 3rd

Dansavan, Laos – Dong Ha Vietnam 86km

Up at 6am and got our last bit of kip changed to Vietnamese Dong as once out of Laos nobody will touch it. Rode 1.5km to the border and wow another incredibly easy border crossing with no bribes required.

A big day riding up into the Vietnam mountains and then great fun coming down then undulating the rest of the way. Once again scenery lovely in the mountains and many rural villages. Roads so much busier than Laos and oh we had so forgotten from 10 years ago when we were last in Vietnam how much they love their horns. Toot, Toot, airhorns blowing and how about one more blast just as they pass just in case we didn’t hear it 500m back.

Arrived Dong Ha which is a bit of a crappy Vietnamese town but it is a one nighter before Hue but we have found great digs at the Golden Hotel.

Dansavan crappy hotel last night
Last pic of Laos
Laos/Vietnam border
Yahoo we are in Vietnam no dramas 
Welcome to Vietnam. 
First selfie in Vietnam
First drinks stop Vietnam.
Coming through the mountains 
Blazing down hill
Hillside houses in Vietnam 
Loving it
Dong Ha 

5 thoughts on “Another border crossing and Hello Vietnam”

  1. Every day seems so exciting for you both. Just had Malaysian guy in to clean our lounge suite(have had it for 20 ys. plus) and big big difference.
    Saw you birthday wishes to Colin–Happy birthday Colin.
    We await the snow forecast for tomorrow, Friday.
    Safe travels and no more punctures.


  2. Fantastic pics and commentary again guys, well done. Thanks for bday wishes, and thanks from you too David. Just another day in the year now!! Pleased Andy got to show off his puncture mending skills!! Winter certainly here too, even on the Kapiti Coast. Take care all


  3. You guys are going to be super fit by the time you have finished your trip, it has been so exciting following your adventure,take care & speak to you soon Love Di & Reg


  4. You two are amazing! I really appreciated the map so I could get my head around everywhere you have been. What an adventure!


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