These little piggies literally went to market…..

Muang Phin – Xepon (Sepon) 36km

A lovely leisurely ride today through more remote settlements amongst rolling hills and bush. Arrived Xepon for breakfast at 10.30am just in time for noodle soup for a late brekki. Checked out 3 guesthouses and none had wifi and then found the Viengxay Hotel and for $21nz we have aircon, fridge great big bed and big bathroom and wifi so here we are.

Xepon is another small dusty Laos village only 45km from the Vietnam border. We know we are close to Vietnam with many signs written in Vietnamese.  Just had a walk around the local markets and you have no idea how excited we were to find an ice cream!!! It felt like Christmas. Amazing the things you miss when you don’t have access to them.

The little pigglets being sold at the market was a classic. Still alive all bundled up in their cane basket with a carry handle for 15000kip – $2.50nz.

Another remote settlement
These little piggies really did go to market.
Hmmm ice cream.  Eating it amongst the rice.
Handing over a few 1000s for some supplies
Down the street to find some dinner.
Oh surprise…….more noodle soup! No complaints it was great.


2 thoughts on “These little piggies literally went to market…..”

  1. Hi Guys just reading your chat for today & looking at your photos, what a beautiful country, sounds like you are having a ball, I know what you mean about dying for icecream, when we came3 home from Canada all I wanted was a nice meat pie & boy did i enjoy it. Will try & send an email this afternoon Love Di xxx


  2. Five days of wet weather ahead of us and some days a high of 5 and 6. Still been a mild winter.Great three days with Todd and Emily
    Enjoy the sunny weather XX


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