Pedals are turning again after 3 days rest.

Got to love the welcome sign……’Kalasin’

Khon Kaen – Kalasin 78km

We loved our posh 5 star digs so much at Mantra Varee in Khon Kaen that our 2 night stay turned into 4. Was a good break off the saddle and we enjoyed our sleep ins, buffet brekki and exploring the city.

Up early this morning and got the pedals turning arriving in Kalasin around midday. Really good ride being off the main Highway and onto a secondary HW. Significantly less traffic and lovely scenery all the way through small villages and towns and rice paddies all the way.

Found our digs in Kalasin and our standard of accommodation is back to being a cycle tourist. Can’t complain at all as the main priority is aircon as it is still incredibly hot.

This afternoon on the main street of Kalasin was a really colourful parade which went for about an hour. All ages dancing/walking in lovely costumes, music pumping out the back of trucks as the heat soared down. We have absolutely no idea what it was celebrating but think it may have something to do with the Thailand public holidays here Monday and Tuesday (Nam from  Nelson you may be able to tell us)?

Great day riding, heaps to look at.
The Parade.


We have a lot of years left biking as this old chook  would have been 80!
Tuk Tuks on the streets of Kalasin
Kalasin boys working.

One thought on “Pedals are turning again after 3 days rest.”

  1. Looking good you guys!! I expected to see you out dancing in the streets with them Andy!!! We are having a FAB trip – had a real catch up lounging by the pool in Borneo mixed in with a bit of local stuff – totally recharged the batteries. Malacca for 2 days was great – amazing little city with so much history. Arrived in Singas this arvo and poor Sam has come down with a tummy bug – Im sure she will be right tomorrow. Pete and Jack have headed out tonight while I am catching up on a bit of work and chilling in the cool. 5 days here and then home. Been a great holiday – never long enough. P,K,S & J xx


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