Nakhon Ratchisima – Phimai and now chilling out in Phimai

64km uneventful ride yesterday but we were a little late getting on the road as it was still pouring with rain when we woke up.  It wasn’t long before it cleared and the roads dried out in no time and it was time to load the panniers and navigate out of the big city of Nakhon Ratchisima. The heat intensified combined with the humidity and we wanted to get to Phimai before the next storm hit. So we blitzed the ride on the highway with a nice tail wind and arrived at this beautiful little town of Phimai. Phimai has a lot of old ruins with them being of similar design to Angkor Wat due to the Khmer (Cambodian) influence.

We have decided to stay here 3 nights as it is such and easy place to hang out, and they aren’t wrong when they say the people in the Isaan provinice are super friendly. We have great accommodation at the Amatara Hotel and even had toast and marmite for brekki!

Andy back tracking after leaving his cycle gloves at the pit stop. 
Phimai Historical Park 
Contemplating a bike swap


Streets of Phimai


Phimai markets. The usual pigs head, fish flapping around and everything else being sold.
View from hotel deck before the storm hit.
Our friend Leo is often served with ice to keep it cool but this iceberg a little too big.
Pork and rice for lunch today oh so scrummy $1.50 each
Amatara Hotel with the ladyboy receptionist.


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