Pak Chong -Sikhiu – Nakhon Ratchasima and witnessed nasty crash!

45km – Pak Chong – Sikhiu

Had lovely dinner of noodle soup at markets in Pak Chong and good sleep at ‘At Home Guesthouse’. Bit of a sleep in as short day on road so toast for brekki at the guesthouse and hit the road to Sikhiu at 8.30am. More rolling hills along the highway before we saw the turn off to Sikhiu which is really nothing more than a small dusty Thai town. Our good luck continues with our hotels and tonight we stayed at ‘River Apartment’ which was fantastic despite no river to be seen. Bit of R & R this avo before the rain rolled in.

Haven’t seen the sun in a few days now which makes it perfect for riding and our riding pattern seems to be riding in a fine mist before late afternoon rain/storm. Humidity incredibly high but temps generally around 33deg.

Night markets Pak Chong
Hydro Dam between Pak Chong and Sikhiu
Rest at the top of the hill checking out the dam 
Thailands equivalent of the garden gnome.  Being sold both sides of the highway for about 1km
Beer o’clock and dinner time in Sikhiu

43km Sikhiu – Nakhon Ratchisima

We have not long cycled our way into Nakhon Ratchisima the south/west part of the Isaan Province, the largest province in Thailand which makes up more than half of the land mass of this amazing country.

Busy riding again today and not without drama. Half way into the ride a scooter coming towards us on our shoulder (wrong side of road which is normal) swerved to give us room and his scooter caught the raised edge of the highway causing him to go sideways onto the highway and BOOM hit by a scooter going same direction as us. This all happened approx 30m in front of us and the lady cartwheeled through the air landing on Highway not moving at all. We ditched the bikes and first aid came into full swing of course very difficult with language barrier. Once more cars pulled over to help and ambulance called Andy was on traffic duty for about 20mins before we got on our merry way with Thai bystanders very grateful for our help. Both were OK thanks to their helmets with minor injuries and 2 completely wrecked scooters and just a very bad luck accident with a very lucky outcome.

So here we are for one night before hitting the road tomorrow to Phimai where we will spend 2 nights.

Lovely temple just out of Sikhiu.
Rain clouds ahead but nothing more than a bit of drizzle. 
Picturesque rice fields just off the Highway. 
The truck on inside lane that then ran over the lady’s bike. Is trapped under the front. Also the raised edge of highway that did the damage.
Great digs in Nakhon Ratchisima at Sawairiang Hotel for 500b (nz $20)

2 thoughts on “Pak Chong -Sikhiu – Nakhon Ratchasima and witnessed nasty crash!”

  1. Once a policeman always a policeman. Accident had the potential to be more serious.
    Mum caught up with the ladies on their 6/8 weekly lunches yesterday. Just took mum there for a cuppa, and she really enjoyed the 30 minutes or so with them. I also had a cuppa.
    Safe travels.


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