Ayutthaya – Saraburi – Pak Chong. Two great days of riding

66km Ayutthaya – Saraburi

It really is an unreal feeling departing a city and having absolute no idea where you are heading and today our internal compass wasn’t working and neither of us could get a sense of direction.  Maybe it was the fact the air was so thick with humidity at 95% therefore no sun and trying to drizzle. Either way every direction we turned we seemed to have a head wind and we really did feel like we were riding in circles. What was supposed to be a 53km ride turned out to be 66km with the GPS bike mode trying to send us on roads that didn’t exist so had to change our path after 25km. All was good though and we got to see a lot more than we would have otherwise.

We arrived Saraburi and yet another busy town. Checked into our great digs and walked out and round the corner was a mall  with KFC. They say when you are bicycle touring you can eat what you like and man it tasted good being the first taste of Western food we had eaten in over a month!

Countryside just out of Ayutthaya 
In the country head wind all day
Found some civilization and toilet stop.
Arrived Saraburi and chilling out in awesome hotel
That friend Leo popped over to say hi again. Chilling out in hotel foyer after big day in humidity. 

64km Saraburi – Pak Chong

Downstairs by 7am for complimentary chicken and tuna sammies and hot drinks for brekki. Owners wanted photos of us so happy snap time first thing before on the road.

Highway riding all day today and OMG we had hills for the second time in a month and we loved it. Who would have thought we would get so excited about the challenge of grunting out the hills and man they were steep. Everything that goes up must come down and down we did at 48km top speed. For some reason everytime I get up speed Whoo-hoo just yells out at full voice.  Heaps of trucks and buses on the busy highway as we wound our way through the hills and arrived at Pak Chong. Once again we have hit jackpot with our guesthouse. Absolutely awesome lovely Young Thai owners and looking forward to exploring the night markets for dinner later.

So here we are on our way up Central Thailand making our way up to the Isaan Province where if all goes to plan 600-700km later we will be crossing into Laos.

Early morning photo time and yep there’s that same fluro gear again
Busy highway but great shoulder again
While stopped for a bum rest this random wanted a pic of us. Thought we were crazy riding to Pak Chong.
Drinks stop side of road somewhere
Always a relief to know we are going right direction 
At Home Guesthouse Pak Chong. Fantastic digs. Even includes brekki tomorrow. 
Western loo. In fact all accommodation places do have western loos but the drink stop loos on side of highway are all dodgy drops


4 thoughts on “Ayutthaya – Saraburi – Pak Chong. Two great days of riding”

  1. So good that you are getting so much enjoyment riding your bikes to unknown destinations Have you been able to repair your bike, or is this still troublesome. SonChiefs beat Crusaders in Suva over the weekend and now just two more weeks before the playoffs. Chiefs one point ahead of Crusaders, but top spot overall may go the the Lions. No NZ team will want to go to South Africa and back. We good. Take care XX mum Dad Sent from my iPad



  2. The motorways seem reasonably busy, but I suppose you aim to try to avoid them. Good beer with Lindsay and Sami
    played other top team and won 9-1.
    Coaches sister very talented.


  3. You guys look so relaxed!! We are off to Singapore tomorrow night – cant wait to chill in the heat. Keep pedalling and having fun. K xx


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