1000km!!! U Thong – Ayutthaya

Wow can’t believe we have just clicked over 1000km today on this awesome crazy cycle adventure.

Let’s back up to yesterday where we departed our ‘love shack’ dirty no name bungalow off the Highway on the outskirts of U Thong. On the road by 5.45am and even needed our bike lights on. Was great to get on the bikes early and got some good kms under our belt before the heat intensified by 9am. We knew we were in for a long day and decided to take the country roads. We were rewarded with stunning scenery, biking alongside rice paddies on quiet rural roads for the first 60km despite having a head wind most of the way. Got lost once where we were having a bit of a communication mishap with gps and ended up in a tiny village in someone’s backyard, getting chased out by their dogs, where we are positive they had never seen another westerner let alone two on a bike in fluro. This set us back 3omins or so as we backtracked and got ourselves back in the game.

The final 35km were back on a highway and was a lovely tail wind but the temps were now high 30s and we needed heaps of rest stops and an ice cream to get us into Ayutthaya. 98km later and we arrive at our guesthouse which is just awesome.

We didn’t really know what to expect of Ayutthaya but this old capital of Thailand is absolutely lovely. Ruins are amongst the town and today we have spent the day on our bikes exploring and yep we clicked over 1000km! Think we will be celebrating that effort tonight. We are going to stay in Ayutthaya another 2 nights to soak up this lovely town and all of its history.

Early morning set off and lovely sunrise


One of many drink breaks
Lost………wondered why we were on a dirt track.
Rice paddies most of the way. So lush at this time of year during the wet season.
Helping old guy unwedge his motorbike side cart that he had misjudged the width of going over the bridge.
Downtown Ayutthaya


Exploring the city and the ruins


Herd of cows in the city


The 1000km selfie. Bring on the next 1000km
Hanging on the streets.

2 thoughts on “1000km!!! U Thong – Ayutthaya”

  1. Fantastic!! 1000km!! Congratulations!! Those legs are made for biking, and biking’s what they do alright! WOOT!! Beautiful scenery, the ruins are interesting and loving the tales! You must have seemed like marsians to those locals where you got lost ha ha…In the photo of Andy with the two bottles…water? milk? soda or something more interesting? .. and if the latter…..before or after you got lost? lol


  2. Fantastic effort 1000km and you both still riding your bikes!!! Loving all your pics – it’s like we are getting to know the country as well. Loving it while I sit on the couch watching Wimbledon tennis!! Safe riding to you both. Yvonne


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