Kanchanaburi to some no name place near U Thong = 70km

Departed Kanchanaburi this morning and loved the roads today. Not much traffic at all, dogs all well behaved, and plenty to look at. Seemed to be a lot of sugar cane being grown around this area. Was probably our hottest day biking today so heaps of drink stops required but we were struggling to get enough water on board for the amount we were sweating out.

We had planned on staying in a small place called U Thong but once we arrived there we couldn’t find the hotels anywhere.  Despite a lovely man showing us a dive of a place and another couple at our lunch stop saying they owned a hotel we decided to head up the road a little further. So we think we are about 3km out of U Thong at some random guesthouse on the side of the road. We were kindly given clean towells, soap and a condom so think we are all sorted for the night!  Hmmm don’t think too many Westerners stay at this place.

We will hit the road tomorrow and possibly push through 90km to Ayutthaya, depending on the weather. Nice storm starting to come through now which is cooling us down.


Bikes having a little rest on side of highway.


Band blasting out music from back of their ute.
This ute was following the band. Not sure if he was about to get married or had just become a monk.


seeking shelter off Highway.
So incredibly hot, dusty and sweaty. Drinks stall attached to hair salon
Distance in km to next town. These play head games with you as the distances and kms are so unreliable. The next sign may say 6 and the following 5.
Tonight’s love shack with Thai size condom supplied. Washing all done ready for tomorrow

One thought on “Kanchanaburi to some no name place near U Thong = 70km”

  1. What a hoot!! At least they wanted you to have a great night safely. You obviously not getting the rain NZ & us getting. Continue to have fun and travel safe. Cheers Yvonne


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