Kanchanaburi & The River Kwai

We had ourselve a full on 90km ride yesterday from Ratchaburi to Kanchanaburi. Was highway riding all the way and was pretty hectic and not scenic at all as we rode through industrial polluted towns. The last 30km we rode in drizzle which was actually really pleasant.

So here we are in Kanchanaburi home of the famous ‘bridge over river Kwai’. Hard to believe over 100,000 WW2 prisoners of war and Asian slave labourers lost their lives whilst building the bridge and 250km railway into Burma.  Now it is however a huge tourist attraction with tour groups arriving on mass from Bangkok.

We have spent today exploring this pleasant town by bicycle and checking out the sites. However with so much to see and do we think we will hit the road tomorrow.

River Kwai, bikes wanted to be in the pic also.
on the bridge


Tourist train going over the bridge.


Kanchanaburi War cemetery where Commonwealth and Dutch POWs were buried.
Sky Resort Kanchanaburi. Shame the pool is like a bath.

2 thoughts on “Kanchanaburi & The River Kwai”

  1. Bridge on the river Kwai was also a film. Very historic.
    Have you caught up with England’s exit from the European cup, beaten 2-1 by Iceland.
    Great photos.XX


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