Cha Am – Phetchaburi

What an awesome ride yesterday through the back roads avoiding the highway completely from Cha Am to Phetchaburi 50km cycle. Great fun navigating out of Cha Am via the back roads and then found a great secondary road. Once again seeing the rural Thailand way of life with fish farms and dairy farms and the very slow pace of life.

Here we are in Petchaburi, found a great little guesthouse and today have just been exploring the town and we are yet to see another foreigner.

Early start tomorrow for our cycle to Ratchaburi. Will be a busy road as we are only 160km south of Bangkok and we have to take the highway although we are heading west of Bangkok.

Departing Cha Am through the back streets.
Definitely the back way out of Cha Am.
Great road Cha Am to Phetchaburi. 
Outskirts of Petchaburi where our guesthouse is. Pretty impressed we found it first pop.
The quieter streets of Petchaburi on a Saturday morning.  

3 thoughts on “Cha Am – Phetchaburi”

  1. Hopefully things sorted out and would be pleased to hear if you get this comment.
    Pre season tournament where Samis team lost on some ruling. Played that team yesterday and won 9-1.
    Girse pay more attention to a younger coach(21 yr old senior player), than they did when one of the mums or dads were the coaches. Will be great when finally get the bike problem sorted out. Love Mum Dad


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