Chilling out in Prachuap

We have been here 3 nights now and have decided to stay one more as Prachuap could possibly be one of the loveliest Thai towns we will come across. Fantastic food which is plentiful in restaurants or street food carts, very picturesque, friendly people, and bike friendly with heaps of locals on bikes and hardly a Western tourist to be seen. A very easy town to chill out and soak up the Thai culture.

We will hit the road tomorrow and see where we end up but we do have to get to Hua Hin sometime later this week as despite trying 4 bike shops Andy’s bike still isn’t sorted. Hope it will survive the 120km ride up the coast the next couple of days.

Ao Manao Beach other side of the air force camp
Monkey Trouble! So many of them around the temple.
Noodle soup for lunch so yummy.


Not quite the Sprig & Fern but our local here in Prachuap
Dinner with Chris from Singapore who is also cycle touring SE Asia who we met and had dinner with last night.
Favourite noodle soup spot

One thought on “Chilling out in Prachuap”

  1. Hi Guys you certainly look like you are having a great time, I really envy you both.
    What lovely scenery, you both look so good & happy. We only have 2 more sleeps & we are off to Canada. You both take care & we will keep in touch. Bye for now, Love Di & Reg xxx


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