Bangsaphan to Prachuap Khiri Khan

Bangsaphan-Ban Krut-Thap Sakae-Prachuap Khiri Khan 100km.

Up early again yesterday and on the bike by 6.30, yes those of you that know me well will be having a laugh at that early start. However with the roosters starting at 5am felt like it was a sleep in.

Departed Bangsapahan took us a while to navigate out of town and spent the first 2 hours trying to avoid being chased by dogs. There were literally hundreds of them during this first stint to Ban Krut and without a doubt they are our biggest danger, but so far our technique working ok. Most of you will know how much we dislike dogs.

We had breakfast in Ban Krut after 28km and then the next 25km we had an amazing road almost to ourselves through the rural countryside of coconut plantations. Hard way to make a living husking Coconuts.  We arrived in Thap Sakae which was a coastal town and very quiet. Decided to push through to Prachuap as was another 50km but we had nice overcast conditions, however this 50km was predominantly on Highway 4 the main highway to Bangkok. There were heaps of road works going on so was full on with the traffic belting down the highway at 150+km but we had a bit of a tail wind so were close behind at 23km per hour! Once again though the trucks really courteous and giving us heaps of space.

Took the exit to Prachuap and here we are at an awesome guesthouse  (Cheers for the tip Greg and Nok from Bangsaphan). Prachuap is a very pretty coastal fishing town (300km south of Bangkok), heaps of good eats/drinks and hoping to find a spot to watch the test match this avo.

Andys bike is playing up again but the bike shop we found here when we arrived yesterday didn’t have the right tools to have a look, so we will have to wait to Hua Hin which is 105km away.  We think we will stay 3 nights here as loving the vibe.

We have just been for a walk through the town and very sleepy on a Saturday morning but plenty to see.

Ban Krut looking for breakfast 
Arriving Ban Krut
Thap Sakae coastal area
Thap Sakae town
Beer O’clock after a big day in the saddle 
Washing done, Thai clothes line 
Prachuap khiri khan Esplanade
Prachuap fishing influence
Breakfast this morning so yummy! Pa Thong Ko. Donuts Thai style. 50c later and we were full

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