Nelson to Wellington

What an absolutely stunning piece of paradise we have on our doorstep. We broke this 109km bike tour into two days. Day 1 being 67km over the Whangamoa and Rai Saddle. A good challenge with the traffic and hills but worth every minute of it. Found a magic b&b Pelorus Heights (Canvastown) where after a couple of vinos and good old speights we were tucked up by 8.30pm. Day 2 Up at 6.30 ready to beat the traffic and attack the Queen Charlotte Drive.  More rolling hills but the stunning scenery made this 42km a breeze into picturesque Picton. Boarded the ferry and Wellington here we come.

Part 2………Got to love biking off a ferry. Royal treatment and first off!

Thai embassy visited and passports dropped off. The adventure getting closer. Awesome to meet Mum and Dad in the city for the night and catch up with my sister Karen, Martin, Ole and Zak. Been the best bike trip.


2 thoughts on “Nelson to Wellington”

  1. Nice photos.. living the dream. You have to love those Big Bots on a hot day after some exercise…. even at $12


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